Adeline Rosenstein

Much has been written about the origin of the long conflict in Palestine and Israel. The more you try to grasp history, the more it seems to escape; complexity seems to bring confusion or sometimes even treason. Décris-Ravage (destroy-describe) is a series of theatrical lectures attempting to present the relationship between Europe and its imaginary, beloved and strategical Holy Land, from Napoleon over the Balfour Declaration to the Nakba in six episodes; of which two and a half of will be presented for the first time in English. Along with her companions and the audience, French speaking Swiss and German actress, playwright and director Adeline Rosenstein goes on a pursuit of different potential futures of the past. Her historicizing approach, starting in the year 1799, is both enlightening and doomed to fail. Décris-Ravage is teaching, testifying, reading, translating and discussing the translation. Perspectives shift, relativism dissolves. What remains is intelligent, tender and humoristic theater, unique in its kind.

Text & direction : Adeline Rosenstein / with :  Isabelle Nouzha, Erbatur Çavuşoğlu & Adeline Rosenstein / space : Yvonne Harder / light & technique : Caspar Langhoff / sound : Andrea Neumann / scientific advice : Jean-Michel Chaumont , Henry Laurens, Julia Strutz & Tania Zittoun / drawings : Verena Kammerer / production : Leïla Di Gregorio & Little Big Horn / partners: Festival Echtzeitmusik, Ausland, Festival Premiers-Actes, Théâtre Océan Nord, Centre de culture ABC, Centre culturel André Malraux-scène nationale & Théâtre de la Balsamine / supported by : Bourse du soutien aux lettres du WBT/D 2013, Bourse Odyssée pour la traduction 2013, Comité Mixte Chartreuse de Villeneuve lez Avignon / Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles 2013, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Direction du Théâtre, Conseil d’aide aux projets théâtraux, Cocof & WBI



20.02.2018 - 7 PM & 21.02.2018 - 5 PM

LOD Studio

8 euro

Bijlokekaai 3

9000 Gent

About the festival

<p>Connexion vzw (Brussels) and A.M.Qattan Foundation are proposing a focus on flemish-palestinian co-operation in arts and culture, inspired by the Government of Flanders and the Mission of Palestine in Europe, Belgium and Luxembourg who decided on a Flemish-Palestinian cultural project. Unlike the logic of events like Europalia, or even the Venice biennale which are a projection of the imagination of a country, Under Construction is based on reciprocity and aims to promote cultural cooperation, dialogue and exchange.</p>

<p>Instead of focusing on difference and alterity, the two organising partners focus on co-operation and solidarity, and give more visibility and value to forms of 'togetherness' that are already existing between Flanders and Palestine.</p>


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Practical details

The Minard theatre is the festival centre.
The reception and the bar are open one hour before the start of the first show.
Access to all of the shows is Pay what you want : no fixed price, you determine yourself what you can/are willing to pay.
It is not possible to reserve beforehand. You can get your ticket starting from 1 hour before the first show. So: first come, first served.
This is also the case for Parcours, the guided walks that start from Minard.
You will find a shop of Disarming Design from Palestine in the entrance hall.

Romain Deconinckplein
(GPS Walpoortstraat 15)
9000 Gent
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