Radio No Frequency

Zina Zarour + Lama Rabah + Faris Shomali + Henna al-Hajj Hasan + Thomas Devos + Kaat Arnaert + Mattijs Vanderleen

Radio No Frequency is an onstage radio show follows on from the Palestinian radio Dona Taraddod, that means both ‘No hesitation’ or ‘No frequency’. Since two years, it examines the prevailing socio-economic and political situation. The driving forces of this show are Zina Zarour, Lama Rabah, Faris Shomali and Henna al-Hajj Hasan : students of Birzeit University who share a critical view on Palestine and on its coverage. Together they make a live version of their monthly online radio show, and this way create a unique Palestinian theatre form.

Radio No Frequency is characterized by biting humour and unexpected points of view.

After a successful Work in progress of Radio No Frequency at the Exodos Festival 2017 (Ljubljana), the team continues the work in February 2018. Musicians Thomas Devos (Tommigun) and Kaat Arnaert, with whom Zina Zarour already worked for the KVS-Qattan-coproduction Keffiyeh/Made in China, join the gang, together with Mattijs Vanderleen


By and with : Zina Zarour, Lama Rabah, Faris Shomali, Henna al-Hajj Hasan / in cooperation with : Thomas Devos, Kaat Arnaert, Mattijs Vanderleen / lighting design Borut Bučinel / co-produced by Exodos Ljubljana, A. M. Qattan Foundation, Connexion

This production was made in the frame of 1Space project. 1Space is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


24.02.2018 – 6 PM


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Walpoortstraat 15
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About the festival

<p>Connexion vzw (Brussels) and A.M.Qattan Foundation are proposing a focus on flemish-palestinian co-operation in arts and culture, inspired by the Government of Flanders and the Mission of Palestine in Europe, Belgium and Luxembourg who decided on a Flemish-Palestinian cultural project. Unlike the logic of events like Europalia, or even the Venice biennale which are a projection of the imagination of a country, Under Construction is based on reciprocity and aims to promote cultural cooperation, dialogue and exchange.</p>

<p>Instead of focusing on difference and alterity, the two organising partners focus on co-operation and solidarity, and give more visibility and value to forms of 'togetherness' that are already existing between Flanders and Palestine.</p>


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You will find a shop of Disarming Design from Palestine in the entrance hall.

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