Ours Is a Country Of Words

(العربية) ماثياس بوب




Ours is a Country of words is filmed in Shatila, a refugee camp established in Lebanon when thousands of Palestinians were forced to flee their country in 1948. The story begins at an undetermined moment in the future, when the dream of the Palestinian refugees to go back to Palestine becomes a reality. The film balances a thin line between fiction and documentary, between dream and reality. Families are preparing for their fictional return as it slowly becomes clear that this dream is far removed from their daily life in the camp. Through the words they use as actors to talk about the dream of returning to their homeland, we come to a deeper understanding of what it means to them to live in exile.



Jamal Hendawi

Mohammad Abbas

Mohammad Zayat

Naim Abbas

Mohammad Hassan

Mona Hendawi

Farah Hendawi

Hanan Hendawi

Omran Kablawi

Jihad Hendawi

Nidal Hendawi

Sultane El Hasan

Nader Saed

Wassim Saed

Ahmad Al-Jomaa

Hussein Deeb

Bassem Dawood

Mohamed Al Hag

Abd Al Moien

Mohammad Mhawesh

Ahmad El Faty

Hanaa Kablawi

Diala Hendawi

Shaymaa Abbas

Amina Bekri Sha

Ahmad Abed Al Rahman







Written and Directed by Mathijs Poppe


Produced by Elisa Heene


Image Mathijs Poppe


Sound Ben De Raes

Ernst van Hagen

David Slotema


Locations Ayman Zaher


Translation Angela Ulens


Editing Mathijs Poppe


Sound Design Kwinten Van Laethem


Mixing Michel Coquece


Colour Grading Joachim Vansteelant


Mastering Bob Mees


Title Design Hans Lecany


Subtitles Angela Ulens

Bieke Heene


Mentors Elias Grootaers

Martine Huvenne

Hilde D’haeyere

Alain Platel


Editing advice Tom Denoyece

Elias Grootaers




Monday 07-May 7:00pm

Khalil Sakakini Culture Centre, Ramallah



About the festival

<p>Connexion vzw (Brussels) and A.M.Qattan Foundation are proposing a focus on flemish-palestinian co-operation in arts and culture, inspired by the Government of Flanders and the Mission of Palestine in Europe, Belgium and Luxembourg who decided on a Flemish-Palestinian cultural project. Unlike the logic of events like Europalia, or even the Venice biennale which are a projection of the imagination of a country, Under Construction is based on reciprocity and aims to promote cultural cooperation, dialogue and exchange.</p>

<p>Instead of focusing on difference and alterity, the two organising partners focus on co-operation and solidarity, and give more visibility and value to forms of 'togetherness' that are already existing between Flanders and Palestine.</p>


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You will find a shop of Disarming Design from Palestine in the entrance hall.

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